Check out Torker rider Cody Shaide—sporting the Torker DX 20” unicycle.
Cody is from Rice Lake, Wisconsin loves action sports and cycling and came to Unicycling later in life.

What’s the best place riding has taken you?
“When I first started riding for Torker in 2010, I endeavored to do a “Midwest Treasure Hunt”. I traveled all over the upper midwest in search of great riding spots. It is a habit I still maintain today, traveling around in search of unique places to ride. Of all the places I’ve been to, my heart belongs to the sadly now defunct Lake Owen Camp. That place was heaven on Earth.”

You can see and meet Cody this summer at the following events:
June 29th -July 4th: North American Unicycle Convention & Championships @ Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA.

July 30th -August 10th: UNICON, Unicycling World Championships @ Montreal, Quebec, Canada.